Refer friends to earn more tokens!

You will need to complete KYC to receive Tokens
Token Sale is Open to Non US Residents Only

CEEK is doing an airdrop in collaboration with Airdropalert.com and Earn.com build a community and distribute the tokens to a wide network of people. The airdrop budget is 225,000 CEEKs, which will be evenly distributed between participants. The cap of the airdrop is 50,000 participants.

How does the airdrop work?

You need to follow a few easy steps which include joining our Telegram & Twitter. Please fill in the submission form provided by AirdropAlert or Earn.com and follow their instructions. The airdrop is limited to 50,000 participants and will close once the cap is reached or on April 27th 2018. Joining our community will keep you updated with all events and progress of CEEK for the Token Sale and airdrop.


Q1: Will you post a sheet to see if I am registered?

No, we will not post information public. You will receive a copy of your application per email which you can edit if needed. Please make sure all the information is correct.

Q2: When do I get my tokens?

Tokens will be distributed June 4th, KYC is required before the distribution. 

If Token Sale is postponed for any reason, we reserve the right to postpone airdrop distribution.

Q3: When does registration close for the CEEK airdrop?

Airdrop registration will close on April 27th 2018, or when a cap of 50,000 applicants is hit. Please follow the instructions of AirdropAlert carefully.

Q4: How do I set a Telegram username?

Please click on the Menu button in top left of Telegram screen. Select “settings” and set a username.

Q5: How do I retweet?

Click the arrow square button under the tweet, it’s the 2nd button from the left.

Q6: Which wallet supports ERC20 tokens?

Compatible Wallets are:

  • MyEtherWallet
  • MetaMask
  • Mist
  • Parity
  • imToken

CEEK and Airdropalert are not responsible for any wallet choice you make. Please do your own research about wallets. The wallets suggested are merely examples of ERC20 compatible wallets. 

DO NOT use an exchange wallet.

Q7: I get the error “Not Joined Telegram Group”

Please join the Telegram group of CEEK. If you are in make sure your username is spelled correctly in the form. Check Q6 to see how to set your username. The username is written without the @ symbol.

Q8: Do I need to have ETH in my wallet?

No, you do not need to have ETH or tokens in your wallet to be eligible for the airdrop.

Q9: Do I need to stay in Telegram group of CEEK?

Yes, to be eligible for airdrop you need to be a member of the community until airdrop distribution.

Q10) How many CEEK do I get for the airdrop?

If the participant cap is reached the airdrop is 4.5 CEEK per participant. If the cap is not reached, the budget will be evenly distributed between participants.


Q11: Where do I find the airdrop form? 

Go to: https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/507 Or click on the airdrop icon below:


Q12: I cannot subscribe to AirdropAlert, how does it work? (Does NOT Apply to Earn.com Subscribers)

Participating in the CEEK airdrop will automatically subscribe you to AirdropAlert.

Q13: I get the error “Not following on Twitter”

Please follow on Twitter. If you are a follower make sure your username is spelled correctly.

Example: https://twitter.com/Airdropalertcom Airdropalertcom is the username in this example. Do not use a @ symbol.

Q14: Do I need to stay subscriber of AirdropAlert?

Yes, if you unsubscribe before airdrop distribution you will not be qualified for the CEEK airdrop.

Q15: How does the referral system work?

The referral budget is 25,000 CEEK tokens and will be distributed based on amount of airdrop participants you refer. Please check out the dashboard here: https://airdropalert.com/cms/balance

Q16: How do I get a referral link?

After complete the form each registrants gets a unique referral link. Dashboard can be found here: https://airdropalert.com/cms/balance

Q17: How much do I get per referral?

Per referral you earn 0.5 CEEK.

Q18: Do I get a confirmation?

As soon as you are verified for completing all the steps, you will receive an automatic email.

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