CEEK’s new voting APP powered by blockchain technologies and Ethereum has been a challenging yet exciting development. CEEK’s is undertaking a complete overhaul of our infrastructure to use blockchain in as many features as possible. To that end we’ve created several new APIs to connect the infrastructure to blockchain implementations.


Our aim with these integrations is to enable widespread adoption of blockchain technology bringing all the benefits of an open secure ledger but all the easy user experience provided by current widely used technologies.


We integrated and implemented security standards and provided a good browsing experience between apps and products to our much-valued Ceekers. Another big change that we’ve made on the accounts is the ability to own CEEK tokens which will be already linked to existing CEEK accounts.


We also completed :

  • Account mapping to CEEK Apps and services through API
  • Intervals of purchasing and casting of votes during specified duration(s) at various Web or Mobile properties. Each Vote is authentic and will be stored on a Blockchain ledger once used , votes that are un-casted/leftover will be redeemable for CEEK Tokens via Web or in APP utilizing the featured exchanges
  • Voter dashboard will display available votes, events open for voting, information on votes received by performers, etc.
  • ERC20 wallet addresses will have to be collected or provided through a service such as Metamask.
  • Actions of the Ledger and data points will be stored on Ledger to meet business requirementsBlock characteristics, scale level security, other constraints and specifications have been outlined below.

Ledger Blockchain Overview


Ledger Blockchain is an Ethereum based blockchain. As of now we have a hosted a node which will be mining 24x7 and maintains track of the event. We have hosted a private Ethereum Blockchain on CEEK Servers which will serve as a Ledger for the CEEK Voting App. The user can buy CEEK Tokens and use them to vote on the Blockchain Ledger via Smart Contract. Verifications of the user's wallet balance and artist votes are done offchain as well as inside the Smart Contract. We have also exposed a basic explorer directly connected to the Blockchain to verify the voting blocks.


Ledger Challenges

As block size was growing, difficulty to mine the block was also growing and slowing down the committing time of votes into the Blockchain. Hence, we rebuilt Ethereum using its source code and removed difficulty altogether.


Progress on Unit Testing of the Ledger Behavior

As of now our team is looking into the issue of Ledger Blockchain and will run test cases once again to make sure, its error free.


Ledger Security

Role based security inside smart contract. Owner verification done with private key


Web App Security

  • We are using authentication mechanism for verifying user requests and AWS level security for other aspects.



These exciting developments will continue to fuel CEEK’s partnership with the World Of Dance, TV and other award shows with the ability for Ceekers to directly participate in event viewing and voting using CEEK coins. World of Dance has events spanning 30 countries. Locations for the WoD competitions include Berlin, Germany, St. Petersburg, Russia , Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Warsaw, Poland, Niigata, Japan, Modiin, Israel, Johannesburg, South Africa, Beijing, China, Chennai, India, and Brisbane, Australia.


CEEK recently captured 360 content with World of Dance from the 2018 Championships which will be available on the platform in late September. We will be jointly promoting the content to millions of users who will be able to access this exclusive content using CEEK Tokens.


With the launch of the voting App Q4, will see voting on the platform using CEEK Tokens. This is just one of the many features that enables the use of CEEK Tokens on the network.

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