We have recently made several enhancements to the CEEK Blockchain including adding the CEEK explorer to enable visualization of transactions. The CEEK Explorer allows users to search the CEEK blockchain for voting information, wallet addresses and other transactions.

Along with standard features of an ether explorer, we have added a Voting Info and Statistics page. In addition, using Voting Info option user will be able to view the number of votes per nominee and search for wallet information which shows number of Ceek purchased, spent and number of votes cast by a particular user.

To render this voting information, we created a backend API which collects information from the private Ethereum blockchain.

The Statistics page enables users to view Ethereum node statistics in a graphical view. We designed the private Ethereum blockchain architecture with 4 nodes, 2 of them are Miner nodes and the remaining 2 are simple nodes.

Currently, the team is adding load balancers and auto start scripts for mining nodes, to enhance the performance and uptime of the nodes.

Preview the CEEK Explorer here.

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